We Are a Small, Unique Gaming NetWork Empire, Who Provides The Best Gaming Experience, on the Two Most Old-School Multiplayer Classic Games, on their Most-Cool Versions - MU Online Servers on Versions: 0.97d, 0.97d+99i and Season 6 Episode 3, and of-course Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers!

Our MU Online 0.97d Servers Are With The Most-Unique, Custom and Modifficated GAME Client in the World, With The Best WebSite Desings! We Have The Most OLD-School MU Online Servers (EASY, HARD and MEDIUM), The Only One Servers in THE WORLD, who are only with "/post" command and Only Blood Castle And Devil Square Events! And Of Course - FUN Server with all other in-game-commands, like: /reset /grandreset, add stats /marry and More! Also All OUR MU Online 0.97d Servers Have a Special Vissual Effects.

Our Season 6 Episode 3 Server is created With 65,000 MAX Stats, and Reset: KEEP STATS, To Feel the Ultimate Expirience of The Game! He Also Have the Special Visual Effects! Also have a New Characters, Maps, Events and Items!

OUR Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers Are With the Most-Finest, Clean of Plugins, Mods. We Have The Only One in The World CS_DeathMatch Only Server! We Also Have a De_Dust2 Only Server! We Also have our Counter-Strike 1.6 Edition - BAVKA MU CS 1.6 Non-Steam Edition who you can Download it from there.

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