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http://BAVKAMU.COM - BAVKA MU Easy 0.97d
http://HARD.BAVKAMU.COM - BAVKA MU Hard 0.97d
http://MEDIUM.BAVKAMU.COM - BAVKA MU Medium 0.97d
http://FUN.BAVKAMU.COM - BAVKA MU FUN 0.97d+99i
httpS://BAVKAMU.COM - BAVKA MU Season 6 Episode 3

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MU Online was created in December 2001 by the Korean gaming company WEBZEN Inc. All Rights over the Game "MU Online", belongs to "WebZen". BAVKA MU Have Nothing To Do With WebZen. We Are/Have a Private FREE-TO-PLAY Servers! MU Online Is a Free-To-Play MMORPG Game, Where you Make A Character (hero) and Fight vs the Monsters of the Kundun, who Attacks the Continent of MU. Also Till You Fight with Kundun and him Monsters, you collect SET Items, Weapons, rings, pendant and a wings! Till You fight Kundun's Monsters, You Level-up. With Every Level You Get a Stats Point to Buiild Your UNIQUE STATS BUILD. When you Reach Max Level You Must Reset Your Character. Also You Can Make a GUILD, and Invite Guild Members, and Start Guild Wars too.

We Have 4 MU Online Servers on Version 0.97d:
BAVKA MU Easy - All Boxs In Shops, Max Level: 1000, Max Resets:200
BAVKA MU Hard - 123x EXP, 50% drop, Max Level: 350, Reset Level:333
BAVKA MU Medium - +NEW ITEMS, Who You Can Buy In the Lorencia Bar!
BAVKA MU Fun - FREE F.O. Items, ALL Characters Can Wear ALL ITEMS!

We Also Have a Season 6 Episode 3 Server:
BAVKA MU S6 Ep3 - 9999x EXP, 65K MAX Stats, Reset: KEEP STATS!

BAVKA MU Online Servers are on the Most COOL and ORIGINAL and OLD-School Version 0.97d. In This Version have Only: Sould Master, Blade Knight, Muse Elf and Magic Gladiator. No Dark Lord There. No "M" Key - Use "/move" only. 3 of our Servers (EASY, HARD and MEDIUM) are The Most OLD-SCHOOL Servers in a nowaday by having only "/post" command.(No /add stats, no /reset ... These Servers are for the Really Old-School MU Online Lovers! Even the Launcher is old-school!), The 4rd our Server (FUN) Have all Commands who have the Modern Servers Nowaday - Like /reset, /grandreset, /addstr, /addagi, /marry etc .... Also a Excellent Items in the Shops/NPCS!

Our Season 6 Episode 3 Server, is created for the players who want to play a new versions (seasons) of the game! In him Have a Summoner and a Rage Fighter Characters! Also All Boxs of Kunduns +1, +2, +3, +4, +5 and ALL WINGS Are in The Shops/NPCS! Rings and Pets Too! BAVKA MU S6 Ep3 Also Haves The Special Visual Effects, Who you can Found in our 0.97d Servers.

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